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Verigy Spares

Verigy Spares for sale.

Model Description Ref #
4062 Various Spares S/C17


No Test Head S/C16
82000 Various Spares and Parts for HP 82000 (D-100, D-200, D-400) S/C5
83000 Various Spares S/C15
83000 Analog Options S/C98
83000 Various Spares S/C15
83000 F330T Pogo Tower Part Number E2803AB S/C62
84000 A120T RF Spares Tester COM335
84000 Various Spares S/C97
93000 Pinscale E8001-66492 AC/DC C/74
93000 Analog Spares S/C91
93000 Parts Machine S/C100
93000 Various  Spares for 93000 S/C74
93000 RF Option with Calibration Kit S/C74
93000 NP2500 Channel Card E6993AC including the following boards: E6996-66401, E6996-66423, E6996-86543, E6997-66404 S/C74
93000 Calibration Kit S/C74
93000 E9701-61051 Low Noise DPS S/C74
93000 E6991A AMC Power Supply S/C74
93000 E6993-61622 Cable Assembly S/C74
93000 E6996-61101 Cooling Manifold S/C74
93000 PSeries E6997-66403 Memory Module S/C74
93000 PSeries E6996-66501 Interface Module S/C74
93000 PSeries E6996-86543 Channel Module S/C74
93000 E7944-61110 Cooling Manifold S/C74
93000 Docking Plate/Hardware S/C74
93000 Power Conditioner Model CDR451 S/C74
93000 Pogo Tower E7018 S/C74
9495 Test Head Spares S/C87
94000 Various Spares S/C31
94000 Various Spares S/C75
95000 Various Spares S/C18
E2759E HP 83000 Liquid/Cooling Unit/ Chillers S/C42
E2759D HP 83000 Liquid/Cooling Unit/ Chillers S/C43
E2760D HP 83000 Liquid/liquid Cooling Unit S/C9
E2760DA HP 83000/93000 Liquid/liquid Cooling Unit S/C73
E3160-66522 Fiber Optic Card for HP/Agilent 4072 Parametric Test System S/C104
E2760D Liquid/liquid Cooling Unit S/C27
E2843A Power Switching Unit for HP 83000t S/C60
E7085 Chiller S/C71
V4400 Various Spares  S/C95
V4400 Various Parts and Spares S/C83
Verigy PS3600 Part Number S/C109
ASL 1000 (TMT) Spares / Replacement Boards (ASL 1K, 3K & 3K-RF) S/C14
ASL 3000 & ASL 3000RF Spares / Replacement Boards (ASL 1K, 3K & 3K-RF) S/C14
Cal Station Credence Calibration Station for Credence Quartet and Credence Duo S/C10
Duo Spares S/C13
Duo Parts Machine S/CT32
LT1101 Various Spares S/C12
M3650 (SZ) Various Spares S/C63
Octet Spares S/C103
Quartet Spares S/C96
SC212 Parts Machine S/C11
Vista Standard Station S/C34
Vista Standard Station S/C35
Vista Vision Spares S/C95
142 A Various Spares S/C47
2100 Various Spares S/C40
3300 Various Spares S/C41

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