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Mfgr. Model Description Ref #
Advantest 6761AD Tri Temp HAN94
Aetrium 5050S Ambient only, 150 mil SOIC HAN82
Aseco S130 Single site, ambient and hot, various kits HAN11
Aseco S170D Dual site, ambient and hot, 173mil TSSOP,  HAN16
Aseco S170 Ambient and hot, 7mm FPBGA  HAN19
Daymarc 3287 Tri-Temp, 300 mil, SOJ kit HAN1
Daymarc 717 Parts Machine Single Site, Tri-Temp, TSSOP kit HAN23
Daymarc 717 150 mil SOIC,  Ambient HAN52
MCT 3608E Ambient and Hot, 300 mil SOIC  kit HAN33
MCT 3608E Ambient and Hot, 300 mil SOIC  kit HAN34
MCT 3608E-3 Ambient and Hot 400 mil SOJ HAN106
MCT 3608E-3 Ambient and Hot, SOP 32 HAN102
MCT 3608EL Ambient and Hot, 300 SOJ HAN103
MCT 3608E-6 300 Mil SOJ HAN105
MCT 3608E-6 600Mil DIP HAN21
MCT 3608C-3 Extended Back HAN5
MCT 3608 CCA-3 Handler Parts Machine HAN9
MCT 4610 Single Site, Tri-Temp 32 PLCC HAN42
MCT 4610 Dual site, Tri-temp, 32 PLCC HAN43
MCT 4610 Single Site 20 & 28 PLCC HAN10
Multitest 8305L Single Site, Ambient only, 600 Mil DIP  HAN13
Multitest 8589 Tri Temp Handler HAN101
QMT 1100 Taping Machine HAN111
Synax 1201 Dual Site, Ambient and Hot HAN47
Synax 121H Single Site, Ambient and Hot HAN50
Synax SX 141 Single Site, Ambient and Hot, Pick and Place HAN73
Synax 1601C Quad Site, Tri temp HAN30