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At JMC, we offer a wide range of spare parts, power supplies and inventory for Component Testers, Handlers, Wafer Probers, and Board Test Equipment. Our inventory is constantly expanding if you do not see something you are looking for, or have any questions, please call us at 856-697-4400 or email:

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All Spare Categories Listed Below

Component Tester Spares

Mfgr. Model Description Ref #
Advantest T33xx Extender Boards S/C72
Advantest T3320 VLSI Tester-Parts Machine S/C3
Advantest T3323, T3323 Various Spares S/C78
Advantest T3326 Various Spares S/C108
Advantest T5335P, T5335 Various Spares S/C56
Advantest T5335P Diagnostic Board S/C57
Advantest T5335, T5382 Mother Boards/Performance Boards S/C37
Advantest T3340, 3343 Various Spares S/C44
Advantest T5361 Various Spares S/C39
Advantest T5365 Test Fixtures Spares S/C24
Advantest T5365 Various Parts and Spares S/C29
Advantest T5381 Various Spares S/C8
Advantest T3382 Various Spares S/C68
Advantest T5382 Parts Machine S/C69
Advantest T5581 Extender Boards S/C38
Advantest T5581H Various Spares S/C7
Advantest T5581P Various Spares S/C7
Advantest T5581, T5585, T5586, T5592 Various Spares S/C101
Advantest T6672 Various Parts and Spares S/C28
Agilent / HP 4062 Various Spares S/C17
Agilent / HP 4062B No Test Head S/C16
Agilent / HP 82000 Various Spares and Parts for HP 82000 (D-100, D-200, D-400) S/C5
Agilent / HP 83000 Various Spares S/C15
Agilent / HP 83000 Analog Options S/C98
Agilent / HP 83000 F330T Pogo Tower Part Number E2803AB S/C62
Agilent / HP 83000 Various Spares S/C15
Agilent / HP 84000 A120T RF Spares Tester COM335
Agilent / HP 84000 Various Spares S/C97
Agilent/Verigy 93000 Pinscale E8001-66492 AC/DC S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 Analog Spares S/C91
Agilent / Verigy 93000 Parts Machine S/C100
Agilent / Verigy 93000 Various  Spares for 93000 S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 RF Option with Calibration Kit S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 NP2500 Channel Card E6993AC including the following boards: E6996-66401, E6996-66423, E6996-86543, E6997-66404 S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 Calibration Kit S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 E9701-61051 Low Noise DPS S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 E6991A AMC Power Supply S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 E6993-61622 Cable Assembly S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 E6996-61101 Cooling Manifold S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 PSeries E6996-66501 Interface Module S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 PSeries E6996-86543 Channel Module S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 PSeries E6997-66403 Memory Module S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 E7944-61110 Cooling Manifold S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 NSIT Cal Spares S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 Docking Plate/Hardware S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 Power Conditioner Model CDR451 S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 Pogo Tower S/C74
Agilent / Verigy 93000 UHC4 E8013-61652 S/C119
Agilent / Verigy 93000 UHC4 Cable E8000DS S/C120
Agilent / Verigy 93000 DPS32 (E8013CS) E8013-68511 and E8013-66611 S/C121
Agilent / Verigy 93000 DPS32 Cable E8013-61604 S/C122
Agilent / Verigy 93000 MSDPS E9711-69502 S/C123
Agilent / Verigy 93000 PS400 Pin Electronics E8012A S/C124
Agilent/Verigy 93000 Pin Scale HXA Boards S/C110
Agilent Verigy 93000 Pin Scale E8010A PS3600 Card S/C109
Agilent / HP 9495 Test Head Spares S/C87
Agilent / HP 94000 Various Spares S/C31
Agilent / HP 94000 Various Spares S/C75
Agilent / HP 95000 Various Spares S/C18
Agilent / HP E2759E HP 83000 Liquid/Cooling Unit/ Chillers S/C42
Agilent / HP E2759D HP 83000 Liquid/Cooling Unit/ Chillers S/C43
Agilent / HP E2760D HP 83000 Liquid/liquid Cooling Unit S/C9
Agilent / HP E2760D Liquid/liquid Cooling Unit S/C27
Agilent / HP E2760DA HP 83000/93000 Liquid/liquid Cooling Unit S/C73
Agilent / HP E2843A Power Switching Unit for HP 83000t S/C60
Agilent / HP E3160-66522 Fiber Optic Card for HP/Agilent 4072 Parametric Test System S/C104
Agilent / HP E7085 Chiller S/C71
Agilent / Verigy V4400 Various Parts and Spares S/C83
Agilent / Verigy V4400 Various Spares  S/C95
Credence (TMT) ASL 1000 Spares / Replacement Boards (ASL 1K, 3K & 3K-RF) S/C14
Credence ASL 3000 & ASL 3000RF Spares / Replacement Boards (ASL 1K, 3K & 3K-RF) S/C14
Credence Cal Station Credence Calibration Station for Credence Quartet and Credence Duo' S/C10
Credence Duo Spares S/C13
Credence Duo Parts Machine S/CT32
Credence IMS Spares S/C77
Credence LT1101 Various Spares S/C12
Credence (SZ) M3650 Various Spares S/C63
Credence Octet Spares S/C103
Credence Quartet Spares S/C96
Credence SC212 Various Spares S/C11
Credence Vista Standard Station S/C34
Credence Vista Standard Station S/C35
Credence Vista Vision Spares S/C95
Eagle 500D Various Spares S/C111
Eagle LSI-5XP Various Spares S/C86
EPRO 142 A Various Spares S/C47
ESI 9300 Various Spares S/C85
ESI 9800 Various Spares S/C67
Factron 330 Various Spares S/C93
Factron 730 Various Spares S/C94
IDS 10K E Beam Spares S/C36
Keithley S475 Various Spares S/C102
Megatest GII Memory Tester S/C19
MCT 2010 VLSI Tester S/C20
Mosaid 3490 Various Spares S/C65
Neslab   Recirculating Chiller S/C88
Novteck NTS 2200 Component Boards S/C107
RVSI 7700 Scanner Various Spares S/C82
Schlumberger EAX 3000 Spares and Parts S/C84
Sentry / Fairchild / Schlumberger S-7, S-10, S-15, S-1650S-20, S-21, S-80 Schlumberger S/C6
Sentry / Fairchild / Schlumberger S-15, S1650 Various Spares SC90
Sentry / Fairchild / Schlumberger IDS-5000 Various Spares S/C58
Sentry / Fairchild / Schlumberger IDS-9000MX Parts Machine S/C4
Sentry / Fairchild / Schlumberger IDS-9000 Various Spares S/C45
Teradyne Catalyst Various Spares S/C76
Teradyne Catalyst AWG5000 939-214-50 S/C125
Teradyne Catalyst AWG5000 939-214-51 S/C126
Teradyne Catalyst Giga Dig 939-227-50 S/C127
Teradyne Flex Various Spares S/C115
Teradyne Ultra Flex Pogo Tower S/C116
Teradyne MicroFlex Various Spares COM460
Teradyne A311 Various Spares S/C1
Teradyne A312 Various Spares S/C1
Teradyne A360 Various Spares  
Teradyne A550 Various Spares S/C1
Teradyne A570 Various Spares S/C55
Teradyne A570 Various Spares S/C49
Teradyne A580 Various Spares S/C55
Teradyne A585 Prober Docking Hardware S/C22
Teradyne J273 Various Spares S/C54
Teradyne J386 Various Spares S/C1
Teradyne J387 Various Spares S/C1
Teradyne J750 239-014-02 MTO Option S/C112
Teradyne J750 Prober Docking Station S/C117
Teradyne J921 Various Spares S/C48
Teradyne J937 Various Spares S/C50
Teradyne J971 Various Spares S/C53
Teradyne J973 Various Spares S/C61
Teradyne J994 Various Spares S/C1
Teradyne J995 Various Spares S/C1
Teradyne J996 Various Spares S/C1
Teradyne J997 Various Spares S/C41
Teradyne Tiger System & Spares COM395
Thermonics T2420 Temperature Forcing System Parts Machine S/C79
Thermonics T2425 Temperature Forcing System Parts Machine S/C80
Thermonics T2500 Temperature Forcing System Parts Machine S/C81
Versatest 2100 Various Spares S/C40
Versatest 3300 Various Spares S/C41
Verigy/Advantest 93000 Pinscale Pinscale S/C118

Prober Spares

Mfgr. Model Description Ref #
Cascade Prober DCM 200 Series Precision Positioner S/P19
Electroglas 1034 Various Spares S/P1
Electroglas 2001 Various Spares S/P2
Electrolgas 4080 Various Spares S/P15
Electroglas 4080x Various Spares S/P15
Electroglas 4085 Various Spares S/P10
Electroglas 4090 Logic Probe Card Changer Part Number 255616-001 S/P4
Electroglas 4090 Temperature Forcing Units and Chucks S/P 21
Electroglas 4090u Various Spares S/P17
Intest Docking Hardware Various Spares S/P8
KLA 1007 Various Prober Spares S/P13
KLA 1011 Various Prober Spares S/P13
KLA 1011ACE Various Prober Spares S/P13
Lytron MCS Chiller for EG 4090 Wafer Prober S/P12
MC 8806 Systems 6 inch Manual Prober Spares S/P18
Teradyne Catalyst Docking Hardware for EG 4090  Part Number 806-303-00 S/P5
Tel P-8 Various Spares S/P11
Tel P-8XL Various Spares S/P11
TSK APM90   Software Upgrade S/P9
TSK APM90A Various Spares S/P16
TSK APM90A Microscope Mounts and Olympus SZ40 Scopes S/P6
TSK Manipulator For HP 4062 S/P7
TSK UF 200 Various Spares S/P14
TSK Manipulator MHF600S for use with TSK UF200 PRO408
TSK Manipulator MHF6000 for use with TSK UF3000 PRO409
TSK Manipulator MHF4000 for use with TSK UF3000 PRO410

Board Tester Spares

Mfgr. Model Description Ref #
Aglient 5DX Various Spares S/B21
Factron / Fairchild 303, 333, 735, 750, 770   S/B1
Genrad 2286, 2283, 2287, 228x Series Various Spares for Genrad 2286, Genrad 2286, Genrad 2287, Genrad 228x S/B2
Genrad 2275, 2276 Various Spares S/B19
HP 3070 Various Spares S/B10
Schlumberger / Fairchild S790 Spares S/B20
Teradyne Spectrum Various Spare Parts S/B22
Teradyne Spectrum Various Spare Parts S/B13
Teradyne Spectrum 9000 Various Spare Parts S/B18
Teradyne Spectrum vx8 octal TMS320C4X S/B4
Teradyne Spectrum VXI Power Supply 051-092-01 S/B5
Teradyne Spectrum Load Board Part Number 051-119-00 S/B6
Teradyne L321, L393, L353, L210, L Series Various Spares for Teradyne L Series S/B11
Teradyne L321 Various Spares S/B17
Teradyne Z18xx, Z1880, Z1890, Z1860, Z1800 Various Spares for Teradyne z18xx Series S/B14
Teradyne Z1820 Various Spares S/B16

Handler Spares

Mfgr. Model Description Ref #
Advantest M6771AD Change Kits  
Aetrium 5050 Various Spares S/H4
Aseco S130 Various Spares S/H5
Delta Design Castle LX7500 Change Kits  TQFP64 14x20 S/H10
Delta Design Castle LX7500 Change Kits  BGA 35x35 S/H11
MCT 36XX Series Various Change Kits S/H1
Multitest 8589 Various Change Kits S/H16
Mutlitest 8704i HF Various Change Kits S/H2
Multitest 8704i HF Various Change Kits 173mil TSSOP S/H2
Multitest 8704i HF Various Change Kits 209mil SSOP S/H2
Multitest 8704i HF Various Change Kits 300mil SOIC S/H2
Multitest 8704i HF Various Change Kits 346mil SOIC S/H2
Seiko Epson NS6040 Change Kits TQFP64 (10x10) S/H8
Seiko Epson NS6040 Change Kits  BGA 27x27 S/H9
Seiko Epson NS6040 Change Kits BGA 12 x12 S/H12
Seiko Epson NS6040 Chnage Kits BGA 13 x13 S/H12
Symtek   Various Spares S/H3


Mfgr. Model Description Ref #
Ag Associates p/n7100-5705-08 2kw lamp driver  SMI8
Alcatel Vacuum pump 2033 c2 Vacuum Pump SMI5
ATS MP20N-GL Chiller SM24
HP Visualize C360 Workstation SMI1
HP Visualize C200 Workstation SMI2
Olympus SZ30 Stereo Zoom Microscope SMI22
Olympus SZ40 Stereo Zoom Microscope SMI25
Olympus SZ60 Stereo Zoom Microscope SMI23
Steag Spares   Various Spares SM20
Sun 3/260 Computer SMI4

Power Supplies

Mfgr. Model Description Ref #
Advantest T3324 Power Supplies PS26
Advantest T5581H Power Supplies PS1
Advantest T5581P Power Supplies PS2
Advantest T5365 Power Supplies PS3
Advantest T5381 Power Supplies PS4
Advantest T6672 Power Supplies PS5
Agilent / HP 83000 Power Supplies PS6
Agilent / Versatest 4400 PSU 6.0 KW AC/DC converter module for Agilent Versatest 4400 PS7
APC Symmetra Power Array Model number SYMSTRF-PD PS27
Credence SC212 Power Supplies PS8
Credence LT1101 Power Supplies PS9
Credence Duo Power Supplies PS10
Eagle LSI-5XP Power Supplies PS11
Genrad 2286, 2283, 2287, 228x Power Supplies PS12
HP / Agilent / Versatest 2104 Power Supplies PS13
HP 82000 Power Supplies PS14
LTX TS88 Power Supplies PS15
Megatest GII Power Supplies PS16
MCT 2010 Power Supplies PS17
Sentry / Schlumberger S-7, S-10, S-15, S-1650, S-20, S-21, S-80
Power Supplies
Teradyne A311, A312, A360, A550, A570 Power Supplies PS20
Teradyne A570 Power Supplies PS23
Teradyne A585 Power Supplies PS19
Teradyne J273, J386, J387, J937, J941, J994, J996 Power Supplies PS21
Teradyne J993, J996 Power Supplies PS22
Teradyne L393, L353, L210, L Series Power Supplies PS24
Teradyne Z18xx, Z1800, Z1890, Z1860, Z1800 Power Supplies PS25


Mfgr. Model Description Ref #
Allegro Industries A750 Pump PM9
Edwards EH 250 Pump PM3
Leybold D30A Pump PM5
Leybold D60 AC Pump PM8
Leybold E75 Pump PM6
Leybold WA 250 Pump PM7