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 JMC Spare Parts and Inventory

At JMC, we offer a wide range of spare parts and inventory for  Component Testers, Handlers, Wafer Probers,and  Board Test Equipment.  Our inventory is constantly expanding; if you do not see something you are looking for, or have any questions, please call us at 856-697-4400 or email: jmc@jmcserv.com

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  Board Tester / Manufacturing Spares  
  Handler Spares  
  Misc Spares  
  Wafer Prober Spares  
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 Component Tester Spares Surplus  

Model Description Ref #
Advantest T5581H Various Spares S/C7
Advantest T5581P Various Spares S/C7
Advantest 5365 Test Fixtures Spares S/C24
Advantest 5381 Various Spares S/C8
Advantest 5365 Various Parts and Spares S/C29
Advantest 6672 Various Parts and Spares S/C28
Agilent 83000 / HP 83000 Spares and Parts Various Spares S/C15
Agilent E2760D HP 83000 Liquid/liquid Cooling Unit S/C9
Credence Cal Station Credence Calibration Station for Credence Quartet and Credence Duo's S/C10
Credence Cal2 Station Credence Calibration Station for Credence Quartets and Credence Duos S/C30
Credence SC212 Parts Machine S/C11
Credence LT1101 Various Spares S/C12
Credence Duo Spares S/C13
Credence Duo Parts Machine S/CT32
Credence TMT ASL 1000 Spares S/C14
Eagle LSI-5XP Test Head Boards, Power Supplies  S/C25
HP E2760D Liquid/liquid Cooling Unit S/C27
HP 82000 Spares and Parts Various Spares and Parts for HP 82000 (D-100, D-200, D-400) S/C5
HP 83000/Agilent 83000 Spares and Parts Various Spares S/C15
HP 94000 Various Spares S/C31
HP 4062B No Test Head S/C16
HP 4062 Various Spares S/C17
HP 95000 Various Spares S/C18
IDS 10K E Beam Various Spares S/C36
Megatest GII Memory Tester S/C19
MCT 2010 VLSI Tester S/C20
ROOS R7100A Spares S/C21
Sentry Schlumberger S-7, S-10, S-15, S/1650S-20, S-21, S-80 S/C6
Schlumberger ITS-9000MX Parts Machine


Teradyne A585 Prober Docking Hardware S/C22
Teradyne A311, A312, A360, A550, A570, J273, J386, J387, J937, J941, J994, J996, Z1880, Z1890 S/C1
Teradyne   J993 or J996 Spares S/C26
Teradyne A570 Various Spares S/C23
 Prober Spares
Model Description Ref #
Electroglas 1034 Various Spares S/P1
Electroglas 2001 Various Spares S/P2
Electroglas 4090 Ring Carrier Part Number 259925-W01 S/P3
Electroglas 4090 Logic Probe Card Changer Part Number 255616-001 S/P4
Intest Docking Hardware Various Spares S/P8
Teradyne Catalyst Docking Hardware for EG 4090  Part Number 806-303-00 S/P5
TSK APM90A Microscope Mounts and Olympus SZ40 Scopes S/P6
TSK APM90   Software Upgrade S/P9
TSK Manipulator For HP 4062 S/P7
 Board Tester Spares
Model Description Ref #
Factron/Fairchild 303, 333, 735, 750, 770, 790 S/B1
Genrad 2286, 2283 2287, and Genrad 228x Series Various Spares for Genrad 2286, Genrad 2286, Genrad 2287, Genrad 228x S/B2
HP 3070 Various Spares S/B10
SCHLUMBERGER S733 In Circuit Tester S/B3
Spectrum Spare Parts Various Spare Parts S/B13
Teradyne Spectrum vx8 octal TMS320C4X S/B4
Teradyne Spectrum VXI Power Supply 051-092-01 S/B5
Teradyne Spectrum Load Board Part Number 051-119-00 S/B6
Teradyne L393, L353, L210, Teradyne L Series Spares Various Spares for Teradyne L Series S/B11
Teradyne z18xx, z1880, z1890, z1860, z1800 Various Spares for Teradyne z18xx Series S/B14
 Handler Spares
Model Description Ref #
MCT 36XX Series S/H1
Mutlitest 8704 Various Spare Kits S/H2
Symtek Various Spares S/H3
Model Description Ref #
Alcatel Vacuum pump Model 2033 c2 SMI5
EG 4090 Manipulator EG Manipulator for a  Teradyne J996 Test Head SMI6
EG 4085 Manipulator EG Manipulator for a  HP/Agilent 4071 Test Head SMI7
HP Visualize C360 Workstation SMI1
HP Visualize C200 Workstation SMI2
Olympus SZ40 Stereo Zoom Microscopes with Illuminator                                   


Sun 3/260 Computer SMI4
Our inventory is constantly expanding.  If you don’t see what you need, Click Here to request information.
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